Consider These Following Things Before Choosing Modern Kitchen Tiles

When you are building a house, the kitchen becomes an important part that should not be missed. Besides wanting a functional kitchen, of course, you also want an attractive kitchen. Tiles are still the choice of many people to make the kitchen look aesthetic. Not infrequently, people carelessly choose kitchen tiles and get disappointed very soon. to avoid this, here are things to consider in choosing modern kitchen tiles.

Installation Location

The first thing you must do before buying modern kitchen tiles is to determine which part of the kitchen will get tiles. Is it the wall, cabinet table, or floor? by understanding the installation location, you can estimate the cost and buy tiles as needed.

Tile Type

When we talk about tiles, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is ceramic or porcelain. When, in fact, the word tile refers to all types of materials. There are still many tiles available. For modern kitchen tiles, you will have many choices of materials, such as natural stone, glass, linoleum, vinyl, and many more. You can choose which one is suitable for your kitchen.


Tiles have a variety of materials and shapes. The price of each tile varies. Knowing and ensuring your budget is the first step. Tiles made from vinyl have a relatively affordable price, but in terms of visuals, it looks simple. While tiles that are custom-made with ceramic materials are sold at a high enough price. Buy the tiles that are in accordance with the budget you have.

Tile Size

tile size is also one of the things that you must consider. The size of the tiles can have a certain effect to your kitchen room. The trend in tile size that is popular right now is large square tiles. Larger tiles only require a few connections in between. It creates a luxurious and elegant impression.