Macbook Air Detailed Review ? Think Thin, Learn From Iphone

A year after announcing the iPhone and Apple presented its newest laptop: the MacBook Air and which is claimed to be the world’s thinnest laptop. Is the MacBook Air laptop really a traveler’s dream or should it hide an irreparable gap?


The MacBook Air combines a Widescreen display with a 13.3-inch LED backlight, the MacBook Air has similar dimensions compared to the MacBook, but the maximum thickness does not exceed 0.76 inches. Just like its predecessor, it features a wide, integrated keyboard as well as the latest Mac OS X “Leopard” webcam operating system. In its basic version, it comes with a Core 2 processor signed by Intel and beats up to 6 GHz, the MacBook Air is equipped with 2 Go RAM, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi, and an 80GB hard drive.


Keyboard, touchpad

The MacBook Air is instantly interesting. Apart from all kinds of MacBooks and MacBook Pros, which present relatively straight lines, Apple decided to Create a chassis with very light rounded edges, which played a part in reinforcing its impression of thinness. The general dimensions set themselves 12.8 inches wide and 8.95 inches deep, comparable to those typically found in MacBooks, it incorporates a 13.3-inch wide LED-backlit Display 1280 x 800 pixels Resolution.

The MacBook Air weighs less than 3 pounds. The body of the shell on the MacBook Air adopts a gray oxidized surface comparable to that found back on the MacBook Pro or around the back of the iPhone. Slightly stiff, this shell makes a good impression in the size in which the MacBook Air is decorated distinctly less flimsy than people initially thought. Nevertheless, the smooth surface for this key mark is fairly straightforward, real nomads will need a protective cover.*/ &url= &url= &url= &url= &url= &url= &url= &url= &url=***/

As on the MacBook Pro, this keyboard makes use of the back light, quite convenient when one uses the equipment in obscurity, whose gentleness can be adjusted regardless of the screen usually one of the airs of the screen. fun.

MacBook Air has a webcam (640 x 480) below the standard and a microphone. This sensor has a luminosity that automatically adjusts the luxity of the LED backlight when you are in a dark area. In this case, the intense lighting on the keyboard. When you place your finger on the sensor: it immediately detects sensor fuzziness, and the Screen exposure decreases. With a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, the screen with the MacBook Air Hare with a Kirga surface where you paint is compared to what you think is wrong Sato’s Tirtinto 11-inch model, where the resolution of the eni nike mingade is 1366 x 768 pixels, a visual level that has a siki definition for most users . Of the brilliant type, the tombstone LCD glows, and restores hot colors, somewhat lifelike. By Assisting in luminosity, take advantage of the Macbook Air in outdoor light.

MacBook Air Inaugurating a new generation of touchpad, inspired by the iPhone, this mobile phone to Apple is wider, the usual touchpad. Dingan Tiga Gari, You Navigator, Mingonakan Safari … Namon, Tedak Dengen Firefox Most of these little functions don’t radically change the individual experience, but you are part of the appeal of Apple products.

The three connectors proposed by the MacBook Air can be found on the left side, protected by a small trap door which, once opened, leaves little room to reach. Concretely, if your connector is thick, or if you’re using a wide USB key, you can’t connect it directly. To overcome these challenges, Apple suggested to demand an extension of time. Eni asked for mura, but now has to add more cables, which somewhat detracts from the ultra-portable aspect of the machine.

The absence of a DVD reader is voluntary (not thick enough anyway). Apple Marketing claims that during a period of skewed cables, is it still necessary to use a DVD reader? Apple plays a network card, has compatible applications for Mac as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista that allows wireless use of DAVs and CDs. The main machine reader will have a way that you can offer to install applications, transfer content on the MacBook Air and reset your main system, but it usually takes 5 to 10 DVDs to load. If that is a serious problem, you should buy a USB 2.0 based DVD reader for $ 99.