Samsung Sc-mx20 – Cheap SD Camcorde

There is not a lot to expect in a camcorder which costs around $200. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, such camcorders are capable of recording only SD quality videos and come with modest features like SD card recording and long zoom lens. HD freaks will be disappointed but such devices are much better than the mini camcorders that you get in the market. They don’t have high zoom capabilities and you might get turned off by the weird pistol grip designs.

We liked the following features in the Samsung sc-mx20:

* Good sound

* Nice set of manual features

* Comfortable design

However, there were a bit of turn-offs on the Samsung SC-MX20 like

* Poor video quality

* No optical image stabilization on the zoom lens

* Poor focus performance

* The zoom rocker was a bit hard to control

Design: Fashion conscious people will have plenty to choose in the Samsung SC-MX20. This camcorder comes in accents of blue, red, black and all white. The compact size of the camcorder lets you fit this device easily in jacket pocket.

Controls: The secondary record, menu button as well as the four way navigation switch is located on the bezel of the LCD. You can select the shutter speed along with manual focus and exposure compensation. The menus give you standard scenes presets, night mode, intervalometer, backlight compensation, wind filter, resolution options (Mobile, Web, TV Normal, TV Fine, and TV Super Fine) 16:9 wide recording, digital effects, electronic image stabilization, and white balance.

Buttons: The buttons on the Samsung sc-mx20 feel a bit mushy. We were also frustrated by the annoying delay during the start/stop recording. We pressed it once, the camcorder didn’t respond. We thought the device hadn’t registered our press so we pressed it a few more times. What followed was chaos; there were a series of starts and stops of recording. The zoom button is too sensitive, you will pull it back and front a lot while calibrating. The navigation button on the device is too flat; we occasionally pressed the middle OK button when trying to access the left key.