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Tips for Installing Natural Stone Tile for House Walls

Natural stone tile is interior material that is loved by many people. Its natural appearance still giving the impression of elegance. This makes natural stone so popular. This type of ceramic can be installed in various places such as parks, living rooms, terraces, and family rooms. There are so many types of natural stone tiles. Natural stone has many sizes ranging from small stone tiles to large stone tiles. You can check the natural stone tile collection at Amber Tiles.

Here are tips on installing a special stone tile application on the house wall:

Choosing the Wall that You Will Install Ceramic

You first need to determine which wall you will install the stone tile on. You are free to choose the wall of any part of the house. However, please choose a wall that stands out like a wall in a family room. Make sure the selected wall matches the stone tile characteristics. The wall must be strong because the stone tile has a heavy mass. If the wall is not strong enough, there is a risk of cracking.

Preparing Tools and Materials

Tools and materials needed for installing are concrete nails, special building threads, water, and cement. The thread is installed as the base of the installation so that the result is neat and not wavy. As a finishing, you can add a coating on the surface of the stone tile for aesthetic reasons and also to prevent the growth of moss. Before starting the installation, make sure the stone tile you want to use is elbow-shaped. If the stone tile is not elbow-shaped, you can shape it into an elbow with a ceramic cutting machine.

Preparing the Wall

The next step is to prepare the wall to be attached to stone tiles. You need to peel the surface of the wall so that the cement mixture can attach the stone tile and wall perfectly. Make sure the cement in the right proportion so that it will not get too runny. Next, wet and soak the stone tile with plain water. This needs to be done to keep the stone tile moist. Stone tile has pores that are large enough so that if the stone tile is too dry, it will absorb water from the cement mixture during the installation process. Soak the stone tile for about 30 minutes to 1 hour before doing the installation.

Start Installing

The time has come for the stone tile installation process. This process can be started from the bottom of the previous wall. Each layer on the wall needs to be propped up with stones, so it does not slump down, considering its weight. When the stone tile has been installed, clean the sides of the wall, which will usually be full of dirt. When the installation is completely finished and is free from dirt, the last step that needs to be done is to coat the stone tile. This is necessary because it can inhibit the growth of moss so that the walls with the stone tile become more durable. Don’t forget to be diligent in repairing the stone tile coating every six months to protect the aesthetic aspects of your stone tile walls.

After installation, you need to be diligent in carrying out maintenance with very simple techniques. You can clean it by spraying water and scrub the dirt regularly.