What Is Registry Cleanup All About

The registry is the place on your PC where Windows stashes away info it may need to retrieve later?for instance, when you open an application or alter a system setting. The registry bears profiles for each user, the applications set up on the computer and the types of documents they produce, what hardware exists on the system, and the ports being used. But do you need to do a registry cleanup?

Over time, the registry can start to hold info that’s no longer valid. Perhaps you uninstalled an application without utilizing the Add or Remove Programs function in the Control Panel, or maybe an object or file in the registry was moved. In time this orphaned or mislaid data collects and starts to clog your registry, possibly decelerating your PC and inducing error messages and system crashes. You may also find that your PC’s startup process is slower than usual. A registry cleanup is the easiest way to help avert these basic problems.

A good registry power cleaner will find and remove any invalid registry items on your PC. In some you are able to select to remove all the items the scanner discovers or select items individually for removal.

It usually isn’t recommended to attempt to remove registry items on your own. It’s frequently difficult to decide which items correspond to which applications, and by trying to remove items yourself, you may accidentally remove a valid registry item, inducing software crashes and errors. Using a good registry clean up scan is a safe and effective way to clean your registry.

And remember; when you would like to remove a program or software application from your PC, always employ the Add or Remove Programs tool in the Control Panel. Doing so sees to it that any registry items affiliated with that application are gotten rid of safely.

What happens if you accidentally remove something you need in your registry?

Not to worry. Just like Microsoft Word, your PC has an “undo” selection. In this case, it’s named System Restore. This permits you revert your system to its original state, prior to you performing the scan, just in case you unwittingly take away any valid registry items.

To get at the System Restore Wizard in Windows XP:

1. Go to Start, then choose All Programs.

2. Choose Accessories, and then System Tools, and then System Restore.

3. In the System Restore wizard, make certain Restore my computer to an earlier time is selected, and then click Next.

4. Now you are able to use the calendar to pick out the date you performed the registry clean up scan and instruct your PC to return to the way it was prior to you running the scan.

How frequently should you clean your registry?

It is recommended that a complete registry cleanup scan is done once a month.

Errors and corrupt files in your registry compromise the integrity of your system. Failure to repair errors results in system freezes and system crashes, rendering your PC worthless. Save yourself the revenue and the worry of getting a new computer by doing a registry cleanup today.